Here’s The Problem: Nicki Minaj Makes Me Cry


Here’s The Problem: I’m tired. No, I take it back – I’m exhausted. I cannot go on. So, I’m sitting here listening to music (pretending to work) and this freakin’ Nicki Minaj song comes on – and I start crying. Yes. Tears. Overwhelmed with emotion over a song by a crazy rapper chick who wears a pink wig. And I’m all like talking to myself (and Nicki) : “Nicki – no one sees right thru ME. Cause no one loves ME.” Omg. Lunacy.

Actual Problem: EVERYTHING. I cannot be moved to tears by a girl who dresses like this!


3 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Nicki Minaj Makes Me Cry

  1. She tries way too hard to have a quirky Gaga-esk style, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find her appealing in a number of ways, including musically.

  2. Oh dear, that screams of pre-menstrual syndrome. I’m sure you’ll be right as rain this time next week. We all get those days. I have cried watching Macy’s commercials before.

  3. Should vaginas bulge like that? I know i’m not an expert but it just seems wrong!

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