Here’s the Problem: Personal Diamond Problem

Here’s The Problem: Sometimes I like to sit around and think of things to buy myself. So, today I decided that I want diamond earrings like the girl who sits across from me at work has. They are very pretty and sparkly and make me want to sing the J-Lo hit:  “Jenny from the Block” (cause you know – don’t be fooled by the rocks that she’s got??). But I digress….so I go onto the site of my new favorite store to find out that these earrings are HUNDREDS of dollars. I should have known! So then, I get REALLY crazy and decide to call the store and I get roped into this whole conversation about how I should just buy them using my store credit card and what a fantastic investment for a girl my age and I won’t I just have so many places to wear said earrings to????

Actual Problem: I have lost it. 100% completely LOST my damn mind. I am poor. I have no funds. I need a reality check. I am sharing this with all of you cause I love you. Thank you and good night.


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Personal Diamond Problem

  1. I think instead of a reality check, you need a check for hundreds of dollars to buy yourself those pretty little rocks.

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