Here’s The Problem: Celebrity Look-A-Likes

Here’s The Problem: Because we live in Los Angeles – center of the ridic Celebrity obsessed universe – we are often mistaken for famous people. Don’t believe me? Well, just ask the little girl who ran up to me with tears in her eyes at Target screaming “Mommy – it’s the girl from GLEE!!!!!”. Um……..So anyhow, I’m reading the Cosmo with me on the cover and there is this whole section about how Lea Michele was gonna get a nose job and then her Mom said no or something – so then I flew into a panic – emailed my parents and asked if my nose was this large and in need of a “job”. RADIO SILENCE from both. Thanks. Thanks a lot. Way to be supportive.


Actual Problem: This morning a co-worker told me that Lisa looks like Kate Middleton.  F I N E. I guess she requires no jobs.


Ok, so she does look kinda British and Royal and shit….


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