Here’s The Problem: Saved By The Mac (Fleetwood – not Big)

Here’s The Problem: There are some things that I will carry with me for the rest of my life – one of those things is my love for Fleetwood Mac. This love began when I was 14 and had no life and watched a lot of VH1 Behind the Music…anyway. So, today, I was listening to The Dance and I was singing Silver Spring at the top of my lungs (that Stevie can yell, man) and I notice flashing lights. Cop lights. I hate cops. I pull over – and for some reason – I do not turn down my music. So Officer Pain in My Royal Ass signals me to roll down my window – I do. He begins to speak – but then – stops – and says “The Mac?” SAVED. “Yes! It is!” I say, filled with joy. He tells me he loves them – and then says to slow down a bit in residential areas. Then, I get to work – go to Starbucks- guess what’s blaring on the speakers?? FLEETWOOD MAC.


Actual Problem: None. It’s gonna be an awesome day. Thank you Stevie! xoxo


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