Here’s the Problem: Kay Jewelers

Here’s the Problem:  Listen Kay Jewelers, I know V-Day is coming up and this is your time to shine, but all your commercials only reinforce one thing in my mind – Kay Jewelers sucks.

This is not pretty

Neither is this.

And Jane Seymour isn’t exactly helping.

Actual Problem:  Every kiss begins with K, and yet every time I spit up in mouth it begins to look like this:

5 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Kay Jewelers

  1. They say more kisses begin with K, but I believe on most Friday nights, most kisses begin with a few beers..

  2. agreed–the stuff they’ve been pushing hot and heavy on TV is mostly crap. Makes you wonder if someone made some bad purchasing decisions, and now some department head has to get rid of it or lose their job…

  3. I felt EXACTLY the same way when I saw that charmed memories crap. U-G-L-Y. Seriously bad. WTH??

  4. Thank god! I was beginning to question my feminity. I’m not impressed with the jewelry either.

  5. Those charm bracelets are the fugliest pieces of jewelry on the planet.

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