Here’s the Problem: The Word “Let’s”

I think the words you're looking for are, "could you...?"

Here’s the Problem:  There are proper ways to use the word “let’s”.  For example,

“Let’s all go to the movies!”

“Let’s not tell anyone about what just happened – my boyfriend would be disappointed in me and you probably don’t want anyone to know you’re gay.  But you’re right – “Born This Way” is a rip off.”

“Let’s both put up Facebook status updates about how proud we are of the Egyptian people even though 2 weeks ago we didn’t know, let alone care, what the hell foreigners did with their government.”

Actual Problem:  And then there are wrong ways of using the word “let’s”.  Specifically when you, the person using the word, has no intention of being apart of the plan.  For example,

“Let’s get so-and-so on the phone”

Really?  Are we going to take turns dialing each number?

“Let’s not use that color green on our graphs anymore”

Oh! Did you learn how to open Excel? No?  Then I guess I’ll be doing this.

“Let’s brainstorm ways we can make these binders look neater”

Since when did getting a college education amount to having the skill set of one of those well-trained dogs who know that the orange ball goes with the orange bone??


3 responses to “Here’s the Problem: The Word “Let’s”

  1. When I used to work at Walmart, a friend of mine would always say to customers “How are we doing tonight?” Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m ok…
    I gave her crap about it all the time.

  2. Let’s piss and moan and make life miserable for everyone until a full VP of the bank will agree to meet with us. Oh yeah, and I’m not going with you to the meeting, to ensure we have NO CRED whatsoever.

    Must be in the water.

  3. so true….

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