Here’s the Problem: Dying in Your Cubicle

Don't worry - this baby did not die. I just think it's selfish that he has a photo of himself on the desk. Asshole.

Here’s the Problem:  An LA County worker was found dead in her cubicle – a day AFTER she died.   Meaning there was at least a good 5 working hours where people around her were like,

“Hey – why isn’t Becky picking up her phone?”



“Do you smell that?”

“Oh, by Becky’s cube?  I think she’s taking an Indian cooking class.”

Actual Problem:  To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, here are some suggestions –

  • Become the cute new assistant who bakes for the office every morning.
  • Become the older guy who spends his days reading gossip blogs and sending links to a larger distribution list than is appropriate.
  • Become the crazy Italian woman with an accent who laughs really loud.
  • Become the gay guy who plays dailies of sex scenes in his office about 3 notches too loud.

Not on this list?  “Become the angry girl who stares you down if you compliment her on wearing make up or a dress”.   Kara and I have some work to do.


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