Here’s the Problem: Sobfest 2011 – Part 2!!

Here’s the Problem:  Kara sent me a link to the last post while I was on my way into the office this morning.  Now, I do NOT condone texting while driving, but should there be a Scion (A SCION!! ) completely stopped and blocking Santa Monica Blvd for a mile (A MILE!!) , I DO condone you use the time to catch up on some HTP.

What a beautiful sentiment, Kara.  Despite all the stress and complaining, I am 1000% thankful for this job because it brought us together.

Now, once I was able to start breathing through my blubbering (and pull around the fucking Scion), I thought – This ho is replacing me????  With a guy who still wears his high school ring????

Actual Problem:  Fear not, readers.  The blog will go on!!  We have a 2 year anniversary coming up and some very exciting developments that we can’t wait to share.  And maybe – just maybe – Chris Kim will remember to bring in his camera some day.

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