Here’s the Problem: Charlie Sheen Overload

Here’s the Problem:  Lucky Miss Kara is being a human at work hearing only bits and pieces of the celebrity news flow and creaming over thoughts Kirstie Alley in a Salsa outfit.  Meanwhile, I have been home, wearing the same PJ pants for 2 days in a row with nothing to do but flip from The Today Show to Piers Morgan to Good Morning America to freaking Dora the Explora to watch Charlie Sheen basically take away the job of all bloggers (myself included) by eating all punchlines with his crazy.

Actual Problem:  Yes, it’s sad and somewhat difficult to watch a man’s brain very publicly make all the missed connections a drug addict’s will, but that said – This is the kind of entertainment capable in this man’s body, and yet all we got was Two and a Half Men???? This should be a wake up call, Hollywood.  Understand your resources while they’re still alive.


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