Here’s The Problem: The Echo Park Goose

Here’s The Problem: So, there’s this goose that follows this old man around in Echo Park. Everyday this old widower drives his motorcycle down to the little lake and hangs out with his pal Maria (that’s the goose – try to keep up). When he leaves for the day, Maria flies behind his bike for a few blocks honking her little goosey honk. Everyone who heard this story was touched. And THEN – we found out that the goose – is a gander. Maria is Mario. Chastity is now Chaz and for some reason it’s all ruined for me.

Actual Problem: In order to provide factual evidence for this problem I just Googled: Do geese have balls?


4 responses to “Here’s The Problem: The Echo Park Goose

  1. But why is it ruined-it’s still sweet and sentimental?

  2. …but it’s a dude goose.

    Does it have balls?

  3. Wait. Do birds have balls? Damn it, now I have to go google…

  4. look closely what goes on the weekends for the construction during Veterans day Holiday!!!
    Strange to say the least

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