Here’s The Problem: I ♥ Bethenny


Here’s The Problem: I’m obsessed with Bethenny. Have you watched the new season? Bethenny Ever After?  It gives me hope that neurotic, sassy, brassy brunettes can find love….

Actual Problem: See how she also thinks things are a “problem”?  Why are we not famous????? Can we sue her for that? Or would she have to say “here’s the problem?” And would we need a lawyer….this is too complicated.

One response to “Here’s The Problem: I ♥ Bethenny

  1. herestheproblem

    Hey Kar –

    It’s Lisa. ‘Member me? We used to work together.

    What is up with Brit’s cheeks? Is that surgery? Is that what happens when you have a baby? If so – GROSS.


    p.s. Will you carry my child for me? Like, in your womb, not in your arms. I can’t afford to fuck up my face anymore. You can.

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