Here’s the Problem: Personal Problem Friday!

Here’s the Problem:  If you’ve been following your Facebook news feed of all your friends who want to prove that they watch the news, then you know that there are no stupid problems worth talking about today.   No singer’s hairstyle or actor’s doomed relationship should even cross our minds because – wake up call! –  serious shit is going on.

However… while I would feel terrible mocking the pop culture world for being shallow and poorly dressed, I don’t feel as bad complaining about my own issues.  So, here we go –

There’s a stranger who exists on my GChat buddy list.  We must have been on a mass email back in the day.  I won’t reveal his name, although I doubt he reads this, but his status has been the same for 2 years.  Two fucking years.   He’s on every single day.  And for 730 days (I did that math in my head), this is all he’s had to say,

Even a broken clock is right twice a day

What does this even mean?  I mean – I get the logistics behind the statement.  Fair.  What I don’t get is how this applies to your life anonymous gchat dude.

A.  Who still uses analog clocks?

B. Are you making some sort of comparison where as you have a factually incorrect viewpoint and yet sometimes – specifically twice a day –  the idea can sometimes be construed as “right”?

Actual Problem:  I know I should just delete this guy instead of being annoyed every single day for another two years, and yet my lid obsession keeps this nonsense from ending.


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Personal Problem Friday!

  1. This would annoy me too, but I’d probably deal with it passive aggressively, aka change my status to “WTF does that saying EVEN MEAN?!” That’s just me, though. 🙂


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