Here’s the Problem: Rebecca Black Is Everything We Should Be

Here’s the Problem:  Hey HTP readers – thanks for visiting the site and all, but this post is just a message to Kara.  Since we don’t work together anymore, I figure this is the best way to reach her.

Kar – OMG.  Have you seen this video?  It’s awful.  Remember when we made a video?  Ew!  Not like that! (seriously outsiders, stop reading – you’re taking away the innocence).  It’s some chick who probably can’t sing half as good as you or me (which says A LOT) and she’s got 5,000,000 hits on youtube.  WE CAN DO THIS.   We can go to Ark Music Studio and get our shit all autotuned and become millionaires.   What are you doing on Saturday?  Wanna do a song called Saturday?  We can be all like, “Saturday’s the bomb because we’re getting our weekend on.”   Oh, and they’re hosting a 5k marathon according to their website – which kinda defeats the purpose because a marathon is like, 8x a 5k, but whatever – they don’t pay attention to detail.  I think this will work in our favor.  Get Chris Kim and Moye on board.  We’re gonna be famous!

Actual Problem:  WE CAN BE THE JUDDS!

kara:  we could have been the Judds.
if we were country singers…

lisaand related


lisa:  so…


lisa:  what’s the comparison here?

kara:  we couldn’t have been the Judds


kara:  but we so could have been Blossom and Six


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Rebecca Black Is Everything We Should Be

  1. I should have listened to you guys and ignored this post, because now my ears are burning. For real, how do we get hooked up with autotune while we’re still young enough to be sexy and sale-able???

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