Here’s The Problem: The Judds


Here’s The Problem: Oprah just announced air dates for The Judds, a new reality show that explores the complex mother-daughter relationship between Naomi and Wynonna.  I don’t really know what to make of this. I want to make some sort of comparison to my own life, but I can’t (though my mom can really rock a cowboy hat). I want to make fat jokes about Wynonna but that’s too obvious (and mean – it’s Lent after all). I REALLY want to ask why Naomi looks younger than her daughter but the answer is simply that she uses more expensive facial products. I want to say I hate the Judds – so I just did.

Actual Problem:  Where’s Ashley???  She’s the best one! Why does she get left out?

UGH and now I’ll be singing Love Can Build a F**king Bridge ALL DAMN DAY.


2 responses to “Here’s The Problem: The Judds

  1. Did they sing anything other than Love Can Build a Bridge? I lived with my grandmother growing up. She played that song on loop. It was way harder to accomplish back then with a tape player than it is now.

  2. Ditto!!!

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