Here’s The Problem: Ho Overload

Here’s The Problem: Around this time every year a wave of my friends get engaged or married or buy a dog with their boyfriend. And around this time every year I have incessant insomnia because of it. You know that kind where you wake up and it feels like you’re choking on your sheet but it’s actually your desperation that you’re choking on??? RIGHT. So, anyhow…after a few nights of this I decided (bad decision coming up) to speak to my father about this (should have gone to the fake mom…) here is our conversation, which I have concluded IS the ‘actual problem’:

Kara: Dad, why do you think it’s so hard for girls like me to find love?

Dad: Because there are a lot of hoes out there.


2 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Ho Overload

  1. It’s TRUE!!!!!!!!!! They’ve ruined it for all of us!!!!!! Weasels….

  2. Amen Daddy. Amen. I think the additional problem would be that there a lot of crazies out there too, who ruin it for us non-ho-non-crazy types.

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