Here’s the Problem: Idol Recap – 3/23/11

Here’s the Problem:  So, no, I will not always do Idol recaps, but last night was Motown night!  I love Motown night.  Not just because I grew up on Shell Gasoline’s Cruisin Classics cassette tapes, or that my momma taught me to get through cold walks to school by singing “Heat Wave” to myself, but also because it’s for the old folks.  And by old folks, I mean me.   I rarely feel as old as I do when the contestants do the “Sing A Song From the Year You Were Born,” night and all sing Rebecca Black songs.  So Motown = old = me.

Actual Problems:   First – JLo’s eyeshadow.  Really girl?  Just cuz you’re listening to music from when you were 3, doesn’t mean you need to apply makeup like a toddler.  Secondly – I cannot hear “You’ve Really Got A Hold on Me” without thinking of the letter U (anybody? anybody?) .  And thirdly, while I love Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye and Martha and the Vandellas (vintage HTP!) , why didn’t anyone do anything from anybody else??  Hello?!  Gladys Knight?? The Mills Brothers ?? Shorty Long??  Redic.


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Idol Recap – 3/23/11

  1. Shell Cruisin’ Classics! I thought I was the only one. That was seriously the soundtrack of my early life. My favorite was the light blue one.

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