Here’s the Problem: Teen Mom’s Janelle and Kiefer Back Together (An Intern Hillary Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Here’s the Problem: Resident “Teen Mom” trainwreck Jenelle Evans is back together with her equally fucked up boyfriend, Kiefer, and is continuing to completely abandon her super adorable son, Jace. These two have had the ideal relationship filled with being homeless, unemployed, and getting arrested for pot possession. I smell a “World’s Greatest Mom” award in her future!
Actual Problem: I would be more than happy to take this adorable baby in and call him my own! Although I am at college and there’s always tons of booze and other illegal things around, he would be in much better hands living under my bed than having this crazy bitch as his mom.

12 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Teen Mom’s Janelle and Kiefer Back Together (An Intern Hillary Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  1. Hillary-Your posts are hysterical! keep up the good work, I LOVE reading them!

  2. This had me on the floor. I want to just think that she Is just young and learning, but I had kids young and I grew up as soon as I found out I was pregnant!

  3. I was a single mother who did, pretty much, the exact same things Jenelle did, except I got pregnant when I was 19 and I wasn’t homeless and I didn’t do drugs. I missed out on two whole years, going to my parent’s house every now and then, and when I finally straightened myself out and got my head on I did deeply regret what I had done. JENELLE! CUT IT OUT!!! There is not a person or thing out there that is worth missing those precious moments with your baby for. Just stop and think about it! That’s one thing I never did because I was too busy thinking about myself.

  4. I had my daughter when I was 15 and I took care of her I was lucky to have her dad around so that I can stay home. I can say that I raised her and I was a good mom. They need to quit filming this unfit cant even call mother. THen maybe shell go away Keefer isnt the problem he doesnt help but she was bad before him. GO AWAY JANELLE

  5. He seems to be wearing some pretty nice clothes, no doubt from Janelle’s big MTV payout. He is living BIG. He found a chick that cares only about booze, drugs, and clothes, and has a little money. She may be an idot, but it still sucks to see a young get used. At least Jase is with his Grammy, so at least he has a shot at life.

  6. I am in no way defending the actions of this young girl, but I would like to point out a few things. Did anyone notice the unhealthy habits presented to Janelle from her mother? The two of the fight in front of Jase and Janelle’s mother says some horrible things to Janelle about Janelle. Janelle was not given a perfect example of how to be a parent. I can bet that Janelle’s mom did the very best she could. We have to keep in mind that Janelle learned how to engage in relationships and how to parent from her mother. While Jase is currently in better hands, I really don’t agree with Janelle’s mother’s treatment of her daughter and therefore am saddened to know that the cycle of abuse will not stop with Jase. He will learn to act this way too. All in all, I think MTV should stop filming this show. I work with pregnant and parenting teens and when we discuss these girls, they brush off the poor mothers who lose their children, their families, their ‘boy-friends’ and their lives and instead focus on teens like Lacy who comes from a privileged family. Even Lacy has had to make sacrifices, but not like the girls who come from underprivileged families. I think we should be reviewing the larger social context here and not blame the first victim in this scenario of our societal structure , Janelle.

  7. To the moderator: I just realized this site is for entertainment. sorry to poop on the parade.

  8. Ppl shouldnt blame anyone for Janelle and her actions on anyone but Janelle! Alot of ppl dont have perfect or “priveledged” lives and they have been able to make something of themselves. Janelle acts the way she acts and does the things she does because they are her decisions. She made a decision to have sex, to have a child, to run off, to party, to break in, to do drugs, to steal from her own mother. HER choices, the problem is she has suffered no real consequences! To say she wasnt taught how to mother? WHATEVER!!! Who is caring for Jace…her mom! I and alot of others had a child at a young age and was able to step up and be the mothers our children needed to be, and trust me I dont come from a “priveledged” family. id I have the best mom?? NOOOO which made me strive to be the best mom I could be. I didnt use either as an excuse to be a pathetic loser…my child deserved more and so does Jace!!!!!

  9. Tell us how you really feel…. Love it…

  10. Janelle is definitely responsible for her own actions, no matter how she grew up. She needs to step up and be a mom to her son. She is now 20 years old and needs to get over the partying aspect and be a real mother. Only she is to blame for what she is doing, not her mom and not her boyfriend. Yeah, he doesn’t help the situation, but she was not forced to be with him, she chose to be. And her mother didn’t make her act the way she does, she chose to. However, her mother is caring for Jace, and she needs to watch what is demonstrated in front him. He does NOT need to see or hear them arguing and fighting all the time. And she definitely should not be making horrible comments about Janelle, or anyone, to him. He’s a kid, he should be able to love how he chooses, not based on what he is told. He should not know about abything that is going on with Janelle and her mother. He is a little kid and it should all be about him, keeping him healthy and happy to grow up and have a great life!

  11. you all should just mind your business ! does any of this actually concern you ? get a life !!!

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