Here’s the Problem: Are You Serious?

Here’s the Problem:  Because Elizabeth Taylor didn’t die today, the Today Show had time on their program do report other “news”.  My favorite of the day was this story about a man who got trapped in the snow when he snowboarded into a tree.  (You can watch the whole story here, which includes POV video of him crashing into the tree).  My favorite part is when he gets his wife on the phone to call for help and all she can say is “Are you serious?”  Repeatedly.

Actual Problem:  And this is why you don’t joke about being buried alive when you’re not buried alive.  This is why if you’re caught under something in garage you do your darndest to get out of it yourself before yelling to your wife that you’re going to die.   This is why when you marry a woman you let her know ahead of time, “I’m a fucking wuss and some day I’m going to cry to you over the phone while stuck under some snow because I’ll be trying to recapture the youth I gave up by marrying you, so please, take me seriously.”  Because some day, you might actually be in danger and that woman will not get it.

2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Are You Serious?

  1. Reminds me of that old childhood story, The Boy Who Cried Trapped In An Avalanche.

  2. This can really happen, and while I can’t watch the video so I’m not sure if he really was just being a wuss or if he was really trapped, I know people who have died getting trapped in a tree well.

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