Here’s the Problem: Keifer’s a Chick

Ew - sea pig

Here’s the Problem:  First off, here’s a problem – work is busy.  Probably too busy for me to be putzing around on this site, but have you ever noticed how it’s easier to do a million things when you’re busy than to do one thing when you’re not?  Deep.  Anyway, work’s def too busy for me to copy stories from celeb sites that actual break news, so all I got in the way of problems are me talking to people that I shouldn’t be talking to because WORK IS FUCKING BUSY.   Anyway…

Actual Problem:  Here’s my last conversation with my bff, Logan.  She’s the only one who really gets me.  But who gives a shit about being understood when you can broadcast your conversations to everyone in the world and have them not laugh?  OMG.  I’m busy!  What else do you want from me?  Entertainment?  Fine – go here instead.

me: i’ve been reading these two blogs for about a year now
this one
and this one
and yeah
maybe i don’t read daily
or that carefully
but there are two bloggers
one who is named halle kiefer
and one who writes about her boyfriend kiefer all the time
i just assumed
halle keifer was this chick’s bf
she’s not
cuz it’s a she
they’re both she’s
they probably don’t even know each other
but in my head in my world
in my world head
i read the posts back to back and think
they love each other
(even if keifer mentions nothing about the thoughts appear chick)
Logan: hahhah
i love you
me: bleh

2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Keifer’s a Chick

  1. I felt like throwing up when I saw this picture. UGH!!!!!!!!

  2. No, seriously, that picture is gross. But I love thoughtsappears! HalleKiefer would be lucky to be her (girl)boyfriend.

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