Here’s the Problem: Miss Jail

Here’s the Problem:  Miss Jail.  It’s all the rage.  Women’s prisons holding beauty contests and awarding hardened criminals with tiaras and sashes – because, hell, even the most bad ass chicks want someone to tell them they’re beautiful.

“It’s flattering that people think I am pretty,” said the winner of Miss Jail 2011, 19-year-old convicted murderer Rebecca Rhaysa Suelen Guedesin.

Actual Problem:  Hold.  Up.   She’s a murderer?  I’m not saying this chick should be disqualified for killing someone – if anyone I think prostitutes should be benched (they get leg up in the talent portion) –  but look at that photo above.  Our winner winner chicken dinner is the lady second from the right.  What are the chances Miss Guedesin won on beauty and not through sheer fear on the part of the judges who wanted to live.


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Miss Jail

  1. was that “hold up” with pun intended? surely there’s some bank robbers up in that contest.

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