Here’s the Problem: Closeted Woman, Literaly

Here’s the Problem: This woman is way too proud of herself and her 90-square foot Manhattan apartment.   She may have a place in the city, but the best part about living in New York, is the living part, and this chick is doing it all wrong.

Actual Problem:  Listen, I’m Jewish too (please, I’m not making assumptions, I’m sure.  Jew-fro √, Jew-face √, father who is a bankruptcy attorney √… her name is Cohen? Fuck, why am I wasting precious parenthetical space on this), but saving money by living in a closet is not what God was thinking when he chose us.  One of the the great things about the Holocaust being over – space.  I’m ashamed on behalf of the entire religion.

One response to “Here’s the Problem: Closeted Woman, Literaly

  1. I watched this today and seriously, she is WAY too proud of her closet. And then she’s all, “I have 8 friends in here at a time!” and I wonder if they all just crowd in there to make fun of her and constantly ask her to take them on a tour so they can laugh and laugh and laugh. Also, is she getting laid on her roof bed? My guess is: no.


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