Here’s the Problem: Tina Fey is Pregnant; I Am Not

Here’s the Problem:  Tina Fey announced on Oprah yesterday that she is pregnant.  Great.  Good for her.   This will be her second child so obviously she knows what she’s doing (cuz no parent could possible screw up 2 kids, right? right??).  That’s not the problem.  The problem is, I’m not. (Be very quiet and you can hear 17 guys sigh in relief and my mother wipe a single tear from her eye).

Actual Problem:  Ever since I took this photo of me wearing glasses in 2009 and since I started writing this blog (which I think could sometimes be construed as funny if you’re really tired and maybe in an interment camp), and since I found out her dad’s name is Don (which was today), and since my roommate got me two “L” necklaces like Liz Lemon wears, I’ve been thinking – Tina Fey (who also wears glasses and is funny) is pretty much living my life.  But I’m not pregnant.  So I guess that’s the end of that comparison.  Going back to thinking I’m Lois Lane.


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