Here’s the Problem: The Advantages of a Marc Ecko Tattoo

Here’s the Problem:  The geniuses at Marc Ecko marketing have come up with the deal of the century.  If you get their rhino tattooed on your body, you can get 20% off of ever Ecko purchase for the rest of your life.  You will be the hippest, and most frugal grandpa in the entire nursing home.

Actual Problem:  Nope.  No problem.  This is solid.  More business should pick up on this and HTP wants in.  Here’s the deal – if you get a permanent tattoo of our faces or our logo (which has yet to be designed but is something like this, but with Cher’s face), you can choose from one of the following:

  • A discounted autographed copy of our yet-to-be-released autobiography
  • A lifetime supply of catty insults and eye rolls
  • A DVD of My Stepson My Lover with HTP commentary
  • A lifesize standee of Simon Cowell with a tooth blacked out

And unlike the Ecko deal, if you get more than one tattoo, you can get more than one of these awesome prizes.  Get to inking America!



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