Here’s the Problem: Kimberly Stewart/Benicio Del Toro Love Child

Here’s the Problem:  Kimbo Stewart, who formerly gained minimal amounts of fame by being Rod Stewart’s daughter, is confirmedly knocked up by Benicio Del Toro, who is presently losing all credibility by banging a 31 year-old has-been.

Actual Problem:  Moye says it best…

moye:  lisa, this is a problem


moye:  right????
i had such respect for del toro
now i am like grossed out
b/c it clearly was a one night stand 

lisa:  you think? 

moye:   it has to be.
they’re not in a relationship 

lisa:  then…
why’s she keeping it?
is that completely crass? 

moye:  well b/c it’s her meal ticket for the next 18 years
and she’s also getting older
come on. you’re an e-list celebrity 

moye:  paris hilton doesn’t even talk to you anymore 

moye:  if you get knocked up by an oscar award winning actor
you keep that fetus

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