Here’s the Problem: Usher is a Ladies’ Man and a Mama’s Boy

Here’s the Problem:  Poor Usher just can’t say no to the feminine powers in his world.  If you remember, about 5 years ago Usher was managed by his Momma – even before Dina Lohan made that kinda nonsense popular.   He then dropped mee-maw for his then girlfriend/soon to be wife, rehired her when the divorce was final, and fired her again when his new girlfriend/co-manager, Grace Miguel, told him to do so.   Now, Miguel the manachick*  is asking that Usher fire EVERYONE on his team except for her.   Uh – no girl no.

Actual Problem:  There’s something to be said for loyalty, but another to be said about being so pussy whipped you can’t flip your fedora onto your head.  Man up, Usher!  No woman told you to make Justin Beiber the hottest thing in the world – you did that all on your own.  So remember your worth, stand up for yourself and put that chick in her place – not the corner office.




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