Here’s The Problem: Kara’s Back & Bitchier Than EVER

I am back bitches. You may have noticed that you were laughing much harder the past week or so and that is due to the fact that Lisa had been doing all the posts. Where was I you ask? I was BUSY. So lets’ get up to speed – quickly:

Here’s The ProblemS:

1. Kim Kardashian is moving to NYC for her boyfriend of 5 months, Kris Humphries. “Sources” say that they are sure that the couple will be engaged by summer. I would like to understand how things work in celebrity land. I really would. Cause here in reality land guys don’t go for this stuff. They say “hey – hey – let’s turn the heat down on this pressure cooker.” And then they go f**k someone else.

2. Scarlett J. is moving in with her elderly boyfriend Sean Penn. Perhaps to be his at-home caregiver?

3. Tori Spelling is pregnant – AGAIN. Enough is enough.

4. Emma Roberts has “accepted” that she will never be voluptuous. “Sexy when I was younger always meant boobs, and I’ve never had boobs in my life”. Sexy still means boobs. Grow a pair.


Actual Problem: I came to the conclusion yesterday that I will most likely die alone – so forgive me if I’m a bit testy.


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