Here’s The Problem: Pippa Goes Topless

Here’s The Problem: Pippa Middleton decided it was a good idea to go topless on a recent boating adventure. Enter the paparazzi.

Actual Problem: When your sister is the future Queen of England – keep your top on.


3 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Pippa Goes Topless

  1. Disagree, topless should be the norm….if we all did it, the paparazzi wouldn’t think it such a big deal!

  2. You know… going topless it totally legal here in Ontario… and yet I still never see anyone embracing that law. Maybe on beaches, but even that I haven’t seen. Clearly, she doesn’t want tan lines. But yes, agree, top on if your sister is going to be Queen.

  3. Pippa is my effing homie. Go ‘head wichyo titties out, girl 🙂

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