Here’s the Problem: Spoiler Alert!: Love is All You Need?

Here’s the Problem:  I may or may not have just come back from a fantastic movie (don’t want to ruin it for anyone else).  And as I (may or may not have) exited the theater I felt satisfied.  Relieved.  Happy.  Why?  Because the main character found “love”.  And while in the meantime she may be homeless and jobless and friendless, we are conditioned to believe that as long as she’s found love – or at least a nice man to spend some time with – she is complete.

I cry bullshit.  Since when does meeting a boy mean that the rest of your problems go away?  I can’t remember the last time I, or a friend of mine, started dating someone and no additional stress arose from it.    It’s absurd to think that a new man in your life will override your debt, calm your workplace woes, make the relationship with your parents finally work.  And yet we believe that our leading lady can take a sigh of relief now that she’s finally met a really swell dude.

Listen, if you’re looking for what the power of love can provide, don’t look here.  The last time I was in love I spent 4 years crying into a fold of my own fat wishing that tissues were marshmallows.  But I do know what love cannot provide.  Particularly a roof over your head and a paycheck (and if it does, that isn’t love, that’s prostitution).  I, just like every other girl in that theater, would have been unsatisfied if the final scene lead our girl into a her very own cubicle instead of a charming man’s arms.   But what does that say?  That we think resolution can only come in the form of a romantic companion?  Yes.  It does.  How sad.

Actual Problem: Fuckin spoiler alert.  I’m sorry.  But tell me, if all we need is love, I’d like to know.  I’d like to stop spending my nights with friends and my money on making my apartment look nice, and my days busting my ass at work.  If all I need is a fellow to solve all my problems then sign me up for and find me a profile photo that accentuates my jaw line.  But if I’m right, and there’s life beyond puppy love, then stop making movies that say otherwise.


4 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Spoiler Alert!: Love is All You Need?

  1. PREACH. I love this post. I may print it out and frame it.

  2. Hear freaking hear!!!

  3. Movies have it as a nice dream. After one too many bad dates – or rather, meet ups with people from an online dating site, you can call them dates if you want to – I gave up. I proclaimed myself on a “boy break”. No boys for the forseeable future. And you know what was weird? My best friend (now former), was a dude, and HE kept on saying “You need to find a boyfriend!” My brother suggested it once or twice and another male friend did too! I eventually had to tell them all to shut up about it, because I was not changing my mind and I had ENOUGH drama without adding on someone else’s! Having a boyfriend was NOT going to solve all my problems, and nearly 3 years since I announced that, it’s still not going to solve my problems.
    I will admit that 3 years seems to have been long enough, I am thinking now I will give it a go again. Just, not online.
    I think you should send this post to Hollywood.

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