Here’s The Problem: The Dodgers (special guest blogger – Kelsey!)

Hello, HTP! My name’s Kelsey, and I’m Kara’s Mexican sister. On behalf of my race and people who care about sports, I’d like to guest blog about Los Angeles’ own struggling MLB team (and I don’t mean the Angels, who are clearly from ANAHEIM):
Here’s The Problem: Los Doyers.

I could whine about the McCourts, the usual scapegoat for the less-than-impressive 21-27 record we’ve got going on. After all, poor management takes its toll on any team. Not to mention that with a tighter budget, the Dodgers aren’t exactly buying the “it” boys. We may have Kershaw with his chiseled jaw, Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend who we all love to hate on, and Andre Ethier (who’s been a bit angrier than usual, YouTube him flipping off the camera), but aside from that, we’re kind of blah.

HOWEVER, we have a crazy big fan base (including some psychotic people, but still) that should be able to motivate us to perform a little better.

Just a little!

But alas, the Dodgers are jogging at half-speed, popping the dreams of, angering my dad every time he watches ESPN, and inflating the egos of that black-and-orange team we’d all like to spit on.

Get it together, boys. We’re from L.A. That means we’re supposed to be good at sports.

Actual Problem: Our stadium is hella ghetto.


2 responses to “Here’s The Problem: The Dodgers (special guest blogger – Kelsey!)

  1. I’m a Marlins fan so there’s stuff I know about being disappointed by your team and ghetto stadiums. On the upside, we’re doing very well this season so far AND our new stadium open in 2012.

    Not to rub it in or anything. The best thing about baseball is that things are always open to change. 🙂

  2. Actual problem:

    Dodger stadium is hella ghetto because the fans are hella ghetto (I know this because they actually have spit on my orange and black). A new park won’t change that, and the stadium itself is actually pretty nice, though pointed the wrong direction. Also, you can’t use the word hella and be a fan of the dodgers at the same time.

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