Here’s the Problem: The Genderless Baby

Here’s the Problem:  The morning shows and talk shows and (excuse me while I vom) “blogosphere” is all abuzz about Storm – the Canadian baby whose parents are refusing to acknowledge its sex.  At 4 months old, only 6 people (parents, brother, sister, and the midwives who delivered it) know if Storm will like dolls or trucks.   Everyone’s in a huff about the roles of gender in society, the responsibility on the toddler siblings to keep this secret and the moment in time when this child (who, let’s just say it, looks like a boy) notices his peen and wants to give it a name.  Probably a boy’s name.

Actual Problem:   I feel like a monster calling this child “it”.  Yeah, it has a name, but we live in a world of pronouns and I feel like I’m referring to a dog or a mutant everytime I say it.  Even worse, the poor grandparents of this baby probably want nothing more than to put it in a dress or camo overalls and can’t because it’s an IT!

Actual Actual Problem:   Skipping the parenting phase and going straight from relating to 14 year old girls to grandparents.  Shoot me.

3 responses to “Here’s the Problem: The Genderless Baby

  1. Another actual problem is the X-men name that it was given. Storm? Really…I should have named my kids Partly Cloudy and Partly Sunny.

  2. Actually there is a short story entitled, “The Story of X,” by Lois Gould. You can read it here:

    So these Canadians aren’t so original.

  3. Another interesting point – the article you referenced to actually says that the “sister” you mentioned is actually a brother (Who likes to wear braids and pink dresses).
    As much as I can understand the reasoning the parents may have for this “experiment”, is it fair to the child? No. No matter what they do, they’re opening the child up to taunting, bullying and gawd forbid, actual abuse – If the experiment lasts until elementary school, say, what happens when overly curious children get pushy and want to know the truth? Nothing good…

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