Here’s the Problem: My Fair Brady No Longer

Here’s the Problem:  After 5 years of boob exposing and tattoo removing, Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight have announced their plans to divorce.  This isn’t shocking me to my core, or making me rethink the value of love – I mean, hell – they met on the Surreal Life.  But what Adrianne said recently about marriage has got me thinking,

 It’s my belief that men and women aren’t really designed to be with each other, but since this is purgatory we can’t live without them. So this is our punishment for whatever it is we did… It’s a lot of work and dedication and time. So don’t do it unless you’re willing to go the distance. That’s why a lot of people get divorced after a few years.

Actual Problem:  Damn girl!  For a sexually confused model, this is some deep shit.   I would pre-order a copy of  “The Tao of Adrianne Curry”.


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