Here’s the Problem: Snooki Puts(a) 2(a) Italian Cops(a) in Emergency Room(a)

Here’s the Problem: She’s at it again.  The most lovable Snookster in all the land has just done it again.  No – not gotten into legal trouble (which she has), and no, not being a drunken mess (which she is).  What our pumpkin ball should be applauded for doing again is driving up ratings for the new season of Jersey Shore before filming is even done.  By crashing into a cop car while shooting the new season in Italy and landing the two coppers in the ER (don’t worry, they’re(a) fine(a)  – don’t you love my Italian accent?) she is drumming up viewers even before we know the premiere date.  Well done Snooks – you’re a marketing genius.

Actual Problem:  What’s that?  This isn’t a publicity ploy?  She’s actually that stupid?  Oh… nevermind.  Compliment revoked.  Thanks for giving the states (and particularly mine) a  bad name.


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