Here’s The Problem: Cupid HATES Me

**This is a Kara post.  You’d know that if you were a loyal reader and knew the code, but whatever.  It’s not usually important.  Only when we talk about our respective online dating woes.  Then it’s crucial that dudes don’t get the wrong idea.  I don’t need fellas I haven’t met thinking I have hate in my heart.  I wait for date 2 to tell them about that.

Here’s The Problem: So, I decided that with my 28th birthday right around the corner it might be time to get myself hitched. So, doing what any single gal with emotional problems and a whole lotta baggage would do – I got on the internet to find my prince charming. Low and behold, OK Cupid seemed to be the shining star of dating sites in my eyes so I signed myself up! Since then I have had zero guys that are MATCHES, about 3 that are listed as FRIENDS and about 75 that have been listed as ENEMIES. Awesome.

Actual Problem: It’s not like there is a shortage of dudes for me to hate. I didn’t need to go online for that. I’m all stocked up. Thanks.


4 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Cupid HATES Me

  1. Forget OK Cupid, try Seriously. I never met “the one” but you’re bound to have a few good dates (and/or stories).

  2. You gotta take the quizzes.

  3. Also, answer match questions. I meant that when I wrote ‘quizzes”. But the quizzes are actually really fun too.

  4. TooManyProblems

    Cupid hates me more. Way more. In addition to losing everything, I also have the now impossible task to carry on the family name. You are too cute and too funny to stay single for too long. It sounds stupid but take some pressure off yourself. Also, avoid stalking, “friend finding” sites, craigslist, & guys that live on a boat. (long story about the boat)

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