Here’s the Problem: Olsen Twin Comeback!

Here’s the Problem:  The Olsen twins are BACK!  Sorta… I mean, neither of them seem to have any acting gigs scheduled, I haven’t heard anything about a new hit single dropping anytime soon, and they don’t and they don’t even sell their fragrance at Walmart anymore.  BUT these girls are making the rounds.  This weekend, both were spotted with new Hollywood beaus – Ashley with Justin Timberlake and Mary Kate with Kanye West.

Actual Problem:  Wha wah what???? I thought troll dolls went out of fashion in the 90s!


2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Olsen Twin Comeback!

  1. Both men are so much better than that. What are they thinking? Hope it’s business and not pleasure!!!

  2. Kings Alace Resident #3


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