Here’s the Problem: Jaleel White Wants You To Know He’s Hung

Here’s the Problem:  Jaleel White (aka Steve Urkel… er… Stephan Urquell) is back!  He’s directing a movie that he wrote years ago and it’s Humble Brag Press Time! (aka, I’ll tell you things about my past if you ask at least one question about my future).    I’ve never put Jaleel up on some “what a good guy!” pedestal, but I do still picture him as a sweet awkward teenager just getting by, so when he mentions the “shitload of money” he’s made, or not so eloquently slips in that he lives by some body of water, I’m a little disheartened. Actual Problem:  My favorite line of all,

In later seasons you were getting quite tall.

I was getting network notes on the bulge of my sack!

Ummm… that wasn’t the question.  And that certainly should NOT have been the answer.


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