Here’s the Problem: What We Can Learn from Ryan Dunn

Here’s the Problem:  Ryan Dunn of Jackass fame passed away early this morning in a car accident.  The whole situation is a bit messy because hours before the crash (in which it was confirmed Dunn was driving)  Ryan posted a photo on Twitter of him and his friends drinking booze.  That fact shouldn’t make losing him any less sad – it’s totally a bummer when anyone dies no matter what the cause or level of fame.  But  the interweb (and probably your office) is buzzing that maybe this dude had it coming.   I mean, not just  because he put a lot of foreign objects up his butt and left them there, but because he was drinking before he drove.

Actual Problem:  I’m sure a toxicology report will come out and either prove everyone right or wrong as to who’s at fault for the death of Dunn and another passenger of the car, but I think we can all learn something from this incident – DON’T POST PICTURES OF YOU DRINKING!  Not like, ever, cause really who whips out their camera when they’re not wasted? But here’s a list of times NOT to post photos of you with a drink in your hand.  PRINT THIS OUT.

  1. When you are taking a “sick day” from work
  2. When you should be at a family function
  3. When you have a paper due the next day that you’re going to ask for an extension on
  4. The day before a big interview (your boss is going to google you)
  5. The day before a first date
  6. Right before you’re going to drive like an idiot in the backwoods of some small town
  7. Right before you’re going to drive ANYWHERE



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