Here’s the Problem: Where Are You??????

Here’s the Problem:  Where are we?  Where are WE?!  How about you take a look in the mirror readers – Where.  Are.  You?

You used to send problems and comments and snarky emails about wanting to marry us, and you’ve dropped off the face.   We are begging you – come back.

Actual Problem:  Kara’s in an oddly kind and helpful mood (don’t worry, I’m working on fixing that) and I’m a shit storm of who-cares-itude and we need you to motivate and inspire.  Until then, I’m going to fill this blog with information even more worthless than it used to be.

3 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Where Are You??????

  1. melissajourney

    I have a problem. I recently bought razors with lavender-scented handles. WTF? Who sniffs their razor handle?

  2. Melissa-they were just talking about that last night! Colbert maybe??

    Anyway, the larger problem is why don’t they mass produce those sweater-things???


  3. The Internet has been a little sad and empty lately. Not that noticed since I spend so much time on the Internet or anything. Just saying.

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