Here’s the Problem: Summer TV

Here’s the Problem:  Summer TV sucks balls.  I came home last night and my roommate was watching Jesus TV – LIVE.  Not even a Tivo’d documentary about the Shroud of Turin.    I mean, he was in, commercials and all.  That in itself is a problem.

I have turned to more crappy reality TV.  Including watching broke teenage moms negotiate loans for boob jobs and butt-faced women talk about smushing mobsters for a living.

Actual Problem:  The most unfortunate of all this reality TV nonsense – sloppy messes who own multiple onesies.  Jessica Kiper (No, I don’t know who that is either) showed up on Celeb Rehab last episode with a suitcase full of them.  Where’s the rehab for that mistake?


6 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Summer TV

  1. Unimpressed by tv

    It wasn’t even good jesus tv. It was a lame docu about the effects of cocaine on the body. Les sigh…

  2. Clearly you haven’t started watching Pretty Little Liars!

  3. Those onesies made me LOL so hard.

  4. Project Runway starts soon!! And how are you not watching Ice Loves CoCo!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yeah, You should be watching Degrassi. Starts on Monday. Super amazing.

  6. Summer tv equals time to discover new shouted on Netflix and at the library! Thank you Sons of Anarchy, True Blood, the IT Crowd, and Game of Thrones!

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