Here’s the Problem: Too Much Ugly

Here’s the Problem:  The cotton collection will make a matching outfit for your dog if you send them a photo of your favorite look.

Actual Problem:  I want a matching outfit for my cat for when I wear my denim jumpsuit.

Actual Actual Problem:  It’s not funny cuz it’s true.


5 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Too Much Ugly

  1. Actual ACTUAL problem. I can see the outline of your vagina in that jumpsuit.

  2. Denim jumpsuit equals instant sexy.

  3. That jumpsuit is magical. No need for a replica, Henry probably fits into that one perfectly.

  4. Actual bit of awesomeness? You’re drinking Zonin. You’re my kind of TJ’s drinker!

  5. I’m not really sure what happened in this post.

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