Here’s the Problem: Personal Problem Thursday – I Say A Little Prayer For Who????

Here’s the Problem:  I have afforded the luxury to have a radio in my car that alerts me when my favorite songs or bands are coming on another station.  Did y’all know I was that fancy?  Prolly not.  Anyway, one of my listed favorites was (is? was) Dionne Warwick’s “I Say A Little Prayer For You”.   Every 3-4 days or so my radio would *bing* and tell me it’s on the Love channel, or 60’s on 6 or something.  The last few months I’ve ignored it because Ms. Warwick annoyed the FUCK out of me on The Apprentice by being the worst kinda old lady bitch in the world (that being a slow and lazy old lady bitch).  But let bygones be bygones.  I need me some “My Best Friend’s Wedding” throw back.  So this morning – *bing* ! I switch the station and this time – I listen.  I listen to them words.  I think you should too…

The moment I wake up
Before I put on my makeup
I say a little prayer for you
While combing my hair, now,
And wondering what dress to wear, now,
I say a little prayer for you

How lovely.  Girlfriend’s in love.   That’s a nice feeling.   He’s the first thing she thinks about every morning.  Having a lot of dresses in her closet.  That’s nice.  But oh… ummm… did I just hear…

My darling believe me, (believe me)
For me there is no one but you!

Awww… How sweet!  But wait… what?

Please love me too
This is my prayer (answer my prayer)
Answer my prayer now babe (answer my prayer)

Oh… Oh.  So… this isn’t your boyfriend DiDi?  This is just some dude you are wasting all your time (and all through your coffee break time) thinking about?  Some rando who doesn’t love you back?  Oh no girl no.

Actual Problem:   Listen up fools (and I’m talking to you Kristen Cavallari and Kate Bosworth and Ryan Reynolds and everyone else who has just been broken up with) – there is no such thing as loving someone that doesn’t love you back. That’s just not love.  So brush yourself off, pick out a dress, and while you’re riding that bus dear, think of yourself dear.



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