Here’s the Problem: DREAM COME TRUE

Here’s the Problem:  Guys – This is the best thing that’s ever happened.  Watch it.  Stat.

When I saw this article on AdWeek about a Dutch marketing agency that can put your Facebook life into a little personalized movie, I was in. I mean, yes, you have to give them access to your Facebook, but let’s be real – I think some identity theft could only improve my credit rating at this point.  Anyway, even if it’s just a really awesome technology and I don’t really have 3 Dutch girl stalkers, I can replay it over and over and over and pretend.  Today just got a lot better.

Actual Problem:  Reminder to Self: Add mention in Facebook profile that I don’t like milk.


4 responses to “Here’s the Problem: DREAM COME TRUE

  1. Creeeeeeepy!

  2. this is scary and hilarious!

  3. Actual, actual problem is that this won’t load at my job and now I’m dying to see a creepy FB movie thing. 😦

  4. wow that is CREEPY

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