Here’s the Problem: Video Killed the Radio Star (From Guest Blogger Sam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The dude from Bon Iver is getting a lot of attention for blogging about how the MTV Video Music Awards Show is bullshit.  We can only assume he hasn’t had cable since 1997.  MTV has been irrelevant for so long that even the discussion of MTV’s irrelevance is itself… completely irrelevant. Allow me to answer some of Bon Iver’s (yes yes, not his name) questions posed in his Jerry Maquire-esque epiphany:
Didn’t MTV lose the fight against themselves? – Yes. and they made truck loads of money in the process.
Didn’t Rock’n’Roll STOP – No.  But rock stars like you have been saying rock is dead since the 80s.
Why do we try SO hard? – At being pretentiously conflicted?
Does a moonman mean what it did back then? – Yes.  It still means you get a blow job at the after party.
Should our mom’s cry? – Your mom should.  But not because she’s proud of you.
Then, in a failed attempt to elevate himself over his own bullshit, Mr. Iver informs us that he’ll be over all this in 90 seconds.  Well then, perhaps he should have just waited out that commercial break during 16 and Pregnant instead of rushing over to his keyboard.

Actual Problem:  This guy is going to have a breakdown when he learns they were lip syncing on American Bandstand.



me: Hey Sam – Here’s the link to your post
Sam: haha
I love loops
who are those people?
 me:   britney spears and lady gaga
Sam: really?
  that’s britney?




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