Here’s the Problem: Kardashian Nonsense (AN INTERN HILLARY POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Listen – yes – we have 2 posts up about Kim Kardashian today.  Yes, they are both a week late and yes they may overlap, but guys – WE’RE WRITING AGAIN.  This is huge.  Stop complaining.  And speaking of complaining – watch out for a very special post later today where we call out the losers who write negative comments.  Now – back to our (un)regularly scheduled blogging:

Here’s the Problem: So over this past weekend I got yelled at by many family members because I have not posted in a while. Apparently the fact that I had mid-terms wasn’t a good enough reason for them… Anywho…nothing has really been super exciting on celebrity planet lately except for that little announcement that Kim K made last week. Nothing major, just that she’s divorcing that ogre basketball player after a measly 72 days and a 4 hour wedding special on E!. Coincidentally, this announcement came the day before Mama Kris began her book tour (the fact that Mama Kris has a book is its own problem…). Well, this is old news now…

Actual Problem: Kim was spotted heading to Minnesota today to meet with the ogre and their pastor about what went wrong in the marriage, with a possible reconciliation. REALLY KIM? REALLY? Why couldn’t you and the ogre just solve your problems without announcing the divorce right before your mother’s book tour, probably raising her book sales exponentially, and giving you more publicity in the process? OH YEAH, because that wouldn’t be genius. Whoever tells me that Kris Jenner and her Kardashian empire are not brilliant are in for a good beating up.


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