Here’s the Problem: You (no, not you – YOU)

Here’s the Problem:  We haven’t written regularly in a while.  We know.  Life gets in the way sometimes.  We appreciate your patience.

What we don’t appreciate is getting bullshit comments from people with no sense of humor.  Yeah, it’s still America – speak your mind – but before you do we just ask that you reach deep within yourself and try to understand what’s going on here which is this:  This blog is stupid.  It was started by two girls who happened to have a shitty week at work that coincided with their periods.  They decided to capitalize on the bitchiness that this overlap brought out in them.  None of us actually care about Lindsay Lohan or Kate Gosselin or Kim Kardashian (ok, maybe some of us care about Kim Kardashian).

Actual Problem:  Here’s a list of IP addresses of “readers” who can’t tell a joke from their elbow:

Meagan ( said:

People get tattoos for themselves, not for others to judge and decide what the true meaning is behind them.

Shut up Meagan – our opinion is more important than yours, and yet we’re both sharing them.  Go away. 

Jo ( said:

com on ! you suck! being such a bad person is really disgusting. Watch what you do , mind your own bussiness and stop criticising Celine and Rene. They ‘re lucky for having two more kids and since they’ve got such love to give i think it’s the best thing to give birth to a child. Grow up and find someone else to criticise! If you don’t like them just don’t bother us with your hideous and frustrating comments.

Jo – if you don’t like us, don’t bother us with your hideous and frustrating comments.  Also, your face smells.

Joe ( said:

Your not gonna do well in life if you’re shallow and judgemental… the thing about the breeding and wanting taller kids…. if you were a normal person you would love your kids whatever their height – especially as you yourself are very short. This is one of the weirdest, most shallow, immature posts ive read. Grow up quick or your life will carry on getting worse with people treating you like you behave.. an immature, spoilt little girl.

Joe – I will work on growing up quickly.  I ask that you please work on developing your grammar and vocabulary with a similar speed before you procreate and birth another generation of idiots with poor English skills that waste their time on the internet reading blogs they don’t enjoy.

Alright, that’s all I’ve got in me.  I mean, trust, there are 100s more comments similar to these but I’m getting all flustered now and it’s just not worth it.  Thank you to everyone who reads – if you enjoy it or not.


6 responses to “Here’s the Problem: You (no, not you – YOU)

  1. The best post ever! That is all….I was laughing. People can be really stupid, can’t they!?

    • herestheproblem

      Aw – thanks! I realize I don’t verbally (or writtenly) appreciate the comments that are supportive and I should! You’re da bomb.

  2. I love you and I live your blog. That is all.

  3. Don’t worry about those turds. The more you laugh through life, the longer you’ll live, and I think you ladies might just outlive us all. And thanks for adding a few extra years to my life as well. You’re awesome! Keep it up!

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