Fuck the format – this is news.

Guys – this weekend – worlds COLLIDED.

I know a lof you think that Intern Hillary is just some girl we know in real life or someone who works with us, but NO – she’s some (semi-) radio from Memphis who read our blog YEARS ago and asked if she could submit posts.   How amazing is that??? Answer: Very.

Hillary has since moved to Boston for college (does ANYONE read our very outdated About page?), but between long study and makeout sessions  she finds time to write somewhat anonymously from across the country.   And then – AND THEN – worlds collided.

On Saturday night, 11/5/11 I received a text from my BFF Nora with a picture of her and Intern Hillary!

Let’s take a look at the transition:

Kara and myself, the founders of this awesome blog, being, well, awesome.

Myself and Nora braving harsh conditions in Iceland (before meeting Icelandic versions of our favorite sitcom stars).

NORA AND HILLARY - looking fucking gorgeous and enjoying what seems to be a very classy evening. (**Photo Credit: The impeccably artistic, Baily Snyder)

So that’s it.  Worlds collided and we didn’t die.  I mean, I did a little inside because OMG! – but legit everyone’s alive.  Except Andy Rooney.  RIP dude.  RIP.


2 responses to “WORLDS. COLLIDE!

  1. love. it. amazing! and the photography of the ‘colliding worlds’ is stellar, ifisaysomyself.

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