Here’s the Problem: Brett Ratner Resigns as Oscar Producer

Here’s the Problem:  Brett Ratner did the noble thing yesterday when he resigned as producer of next year’s Oscar Awards after being blasted for homophobic (?) remarks he made last week, saying, “Rehearsal is for fags.”

Actual Problem:  If the comment was homophobic or not (I mean, is he afraid of gays?  Probably not – he’s just an ignorant asshole) I think he’s just mistaken about the need for a little practice for, ya know, multi-million dollar productions.  If I may say it with all due respect, rehearsal is for fags.  Rehearsal is also for straight people.  And little people.  And Jews and morons and Mormons and kids and overweight slackers and British perfectionists.  Rehearsal is for children with cleft lips and old people with bowel control issues.   Of course, it’s his word choice that the public is concerned about, but what I think he meant was, “Rehearsal is for people who have higher aspirations than making Tower Heist”.

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