Here’s the Problem: Rugby Player Turned Hairdresser Post Accident

Here’s the Problem:  This is like, my favorite thing that’s been reported this week (and yes, I’m including Ashton Kutcher not knowing about current events).  UK rugby player Chris Birch was training for a match when he tried to show off by doing a flip.  Birch landed on his head, suffered a stroke and when he woke up, he said he was gay.    And not like he was telling people he bi-sexual prior to the accident and this sealed the deal.  N0.  He was a heterosexual skinhead engaged to marry his  girlfriend.

Actual Problem:  After coming to, Birch dumped his fiance, left the Rugby team, quit his job, lost 60 lbs, started a relationship and moved in with a guy 7 years younger and became a hairdresser.  Birch didn’t just wake up attracted to men – he woke up a stereotype.


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