Here’s the Problem: OUR 1000TH POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa: Hey! Did you notice we have 999 posts up on HTP? The next one will be the thousandth!!!

Kara: OMG!  We are so amazing!

Lisa: We’re the best ever!

Kara: So insightful! We spot a problem like nobody’s business!
We can make a problem out of a solution.

Lisa: We can complain about anything – good or bad

Kara: right or wrong. fair or unfair.

Lisa: Hey Kar, this isn’t good

Kara: I know….

Kara: We’re like the old men from The Muppets

Lisa: At least we have each other…

Kara: That is true. And for this – I am truly thankful

Lisa: Awww, maybe we can do a thankful post

Kara:  OHH!!!!! I kinda like that. A lot.

Lisa: we can be thankful for all the problems in our lives that inspire this thing –
being single
getting laugh lines

Kara: and for stupid celebrities
thankful that lindsay lohan hasn’t discovered common sense

Lisa: and kim kardashian hasn’t discovered liposuction and her mom hasn’t discovered shame

Kara: Yes! Yes!

Lisa: and we can be thankful that this blog (and our friendship) has survived 1000 whiney, complaining, bitchy posts

Kara: Yes! Yes! I am thankful for all those things!

Kara: Wow, 1000 problems. 1000 pieces of happiness that stemmed from pieces of anger and annoyance. But, you know Li, you said it best – “hate brings people together more than love”


3 responses to “Here’s the Problem: OUR 1000TH POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. you guys are THE BEST!!!

  2. Ummm… I don’t think this is a problem at all…

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