Monthly Archives: December 2011

Here’s The Problem: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Here’s The Problem: Soooo….I noticed this similarity a few weeks ago but decided to keep quiet about it. I have love for Gaga and I try to support her creativity.

Actual Problem: The cat’s out of the bag and Gaga is lookin’ like she’s about to poison an apple.

Here’s The Problem: Robin Thicke Has a Magic Dick (A Holiday Edition Problem!!)

Here’s The Problem: So, it seems that Robin Thicke (son of Alan, in case anyone still hasn’t put 2 and 2 together to get multiple Thickes) can not only sing but he can make magic…multiple times – in fact – he claims he can give his wife double-digit orgasms.

Actual Problem: I bet he wishes his last album hadn’t debuted at number 22. How’s that for a double digit? 🙂

Happy Holidays Thicke!

Here’s The Problem: Happy Holidays!!

Here’s The Problem: Merry Christmas Eve!!!! What are all our problem peeps doing today? Lisa will be on a plane soon (I won’t tell you where she is heading because the paparazzi have been driving her NUTS recently) and I am sitting in my apartment watching holiday episodes of The Nanny.

Actual Problem: I opened my best gift yesterday at Fake Family Christmas and I fear that it’s all fruitcakes and socks from here on out.

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s The Problem: Early Wedding Dress Shopping

Here’s The Problem: Jessica Simpson was spotted shopping for wedding dresses while pregnant even though her wedding will not take place until the bun has left the oven.GIRL. How are you even going to do that?

Actual Problem: I’m about to get OLD SCHOOL right now, but, once again. i’m pissed this morning so bear with me…. Dosen’t anyone do anything correctly anymore??? Get married and then get knocked up.


Here’s The Problem: Your Kid Shit in the Tub

Here’s The Problem: This commercial. Watch it. And then ask yourself – why is this on TV? I know what CLOROX does. It is a product that has been around for YEARS. I don’t need this commerical about shit in a tub to explain it’s many uses.

Actual Problem: I’ve decided I hate kids and will never have them. I also hate bleach.

Here’s The Problem: Kara is PISSED

I’m filled with rage this morning so I’m gonna hit you with about 10 posts and then see if my rage has subsided.

Get ready! Here we GO.

Heres’ the Problem: Virgin Diaries (An Intern Hillary Post!!!!!!!!!!)

Here’s the Problem: TLC recently premiered the best show since Toddlers and Tiaras: The Virgin Diaries. It follows some people who choose to be virgins until marriage and one sad, sad guy that is a virgin not by choice. He has cats and his name is Carey so he kind of brought it upon himself, though. It also follows a couple about to get married that haven’t even kissed before. HAVEN’T EVEN KISSED BEFORE. That is just so fucking weird.

Actual Problem: Would you buy shoes before you try them on? Didn’t think so…