Here’s The Problem: Everyone – Let’s “Spree”!

Here’s The Problem: Um, you guys…US Weekly has this article today about Victoria Beckham going on a $645 dollar shopping “spree”. Guys. I feel…….wealthy. I feel…..elite. I feel……like this is the biggest crock of shit I’ve ever heard. $645 is not a spree! I say this and I am not a person of means. I am not a person of wealth. I do not own diamonds or cashmere. I do not get things dry cleaned, I drive a Toyota and I often empty my checking account when rent comes out…BUT….$645 is not a spree. It’s Christmas gifts for your friends and fam. It’s 2 car payments. It’s the amount my friend Kyle just spent when he opened his NORDSTROM card on Tuesday.

Actual Problem: If I can spend as much money as Posh Spice then I’m a celebrity too.



3 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Everyone – Let’s “Spree”!

  1. Seriously hilarious!

  2. Since that’s about what I make in a month, I guess it would be a spree for me! A normal shopping trip is about $50, so who can spend $675 at once? And not on bills?

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